Know Your Bike’s Needs

An unseen cyclist is a danger to both the cyclist and driver, posing risks for road traffic accidents. So make sure you know what equipment your bike needs to be properly outfitted according to Ohio law (ORC 4511.56): Front headlight – A lamp must be mounted on the front of the bike. Its light must

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FAQs: Bicycle Liability

Do most serious bicycle accidents occur in the city? Yes. A majority (69%) of bicycle fatalities occur in urban areas. Do most bicycle-car accidents happen at intersections? No. Sixty percent of collisions take place at non-intersections (e.g., driveways, side roads). What time of day are you most likely to be involved in a bike-car accident?

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Using the Past to Move Cleveland into the Future

More than a century ago, you would be traveling the roads of Cleveland by horse-drawn streetcars. Today, the paved-over streetcar rails of yesteryear might lay the groundwork for a potentially innovative way to connect the city’s neighborhoods with protected bike lanes and increase local business traffic. Members of Bike Cleveland, St. Clair Superior Development Corporation,

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