Wandering and Elopement in Ohio Nursing Homes- How Could This Happen?

In people with cognitive impairments, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, wandering involves moving aimlessly around the facility without awareness of personal safety. For example, residents may leave their room, get on an elevator, and travel down to the basement. Elopement or escape takes residents even further afield — they leave or escape the facility unnoticed and unsupervised.

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Is The Nursing Home Closest To Me A Good One? A Word On Hudson Elms Nursing Home.

Tragically, it is not uncommon to find that some nursing homes place a focus on profits at the expense of the health, safety, and welfare of residents. As a nursing home lawyer, I seek to achieve compensation, and a sense of justice, for the residents injured, and for their families, as the result of nursing home neglect, abuse, and negligence. Holding nursing homes financially liable for systematic resident endangerment is unfortunately the only way to get nursing homes to change poor practices.

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Eliza Bryant Center – Inspection Results, Penalties, and Inclusion in Senate Report on Poorly-Performing Nursing Homes

As of June 10, 2019, Eliza Bryant had an overall rating of one star out of a possible 5 stars on Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare website.* A one star rating means that the nursing home is considered “much below average” in comparison to other nursing homes. This facility was also included in the April, 2019 federal government list of poorly performing nursing homes known as “Special Focus Facility candidates.”*

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