Wandering and Elopement in Ohio Nursing Homes- How Could This Happen?

In people with cognitive impairments, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, wandering involves moving aimlessly around the facility without awareness of personal safety. For example, residents may leave their room, get on an elevator, and travel down to the basement. Elopement or escape takes residents even further afield — they leave or escape the facility unnoticed and unsupervised.

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Is the Nursing Home Responsible for Bed Sores and Pressure Ulcers?

You were told your loved one has a pressure ulcer (bed sore), what is that? Did your loved one go into a nursing home for rehabilitation or because they required more care then you could give at home only to then discover that they have a terrible open wound on their backside or heel? Read about whether the nursing home may be liable for your loved one’s bed sore.

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Who Does this Exercise Benefit?

Is all this therapy for grandmother’s benefit or the nursing home’s bottom line?Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center published a study about dying patients in nursing homes and found that dying patients are often pushed into very-high (approximately 9 hours per week) intensity and ultra-high (approximately 12 hours per week) intensity rehab exercises.

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