Isabelle Ridgway Post Acute Care Campus – Inspection Results, Penalties, and Inclusion in Senate Report on Poorly-Performing Nursing Homes

Rating from the Nursing Home Compare Website

Isabelle Ridgway Post Acute Care Campus (“Isabelle Ridgway”) is a skilled nursing facility located at 1520 Hawthorne Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.  As of June 28, 2019, Isabelle Ridgway did not have a star rating on Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare website, as it has been placed on the federal government’s Special Focus Facility list.*  These details are provided below.

The Nursing Home Compare Website

The United States government has developed a website that allows users to see information on individual nursing homes regarding inspections, violations and deficiencies, which is located at  Information provided in the Nursing Home Compare website includes detailed information about inspections, facility deficiencies, staffing, penalties, bed certification, and much more.  This website is run by Medicare, and was created so that users and families can easily compare different nursing homes based upon the same set of standards.

Nursing homes are required to provide care to residents that follows or complies with federal regulations.  The periodic inspections of nursing homes are designed to determine if they are following the regulations and therefore giving good care. If they violate the regulations, they are issued a citation and sometimes a monetary fine.

In June, 2019, a US Senate report (the “Senate Report”) was issued by US Senators Casey and Toomey entitled Families’ and Residents’ Right to Know: Uncovering Poor Care in America’s Nursing Homes. This report concerns, in large part, the public identification of Medicare/Medicaid Special Focus Facility participants and candidates.  As of June 28, 2019, according to the Nursing Home Compare website, Isabelle Ridgway continues to be on the Special Focus Facility list due to the poor care it was providing its residents.*  This is very important information to families who have had a loved one at this nursing home and they had suspicions of abuse or neglect or for families considering this home for their family member.

The Special Focus Facilities Program

The Special Focus Facility (“SFF”) program was created in connection with the adoption of The Nursing Home Act, which established nursing facility participation requirements under Medicare and Medicaid.  These nursing homes are at risk to causing harm to residents due to their failure to follow the regulations.  As cited in the Senate Report, “[t]he SFF program is designed to increase oversight of facilities that persistently underperform in required inspections conducted by state survey agencies.”   When a nursing home does not comply with the regulations that govern care in nursing homes, then they get cited. If they receive a lot of citations over a period of time, then the government may place them into the SFF program.

SFF nursing homes are subject to increasing inspections (at least one every six months), escalating fines, and the possibility of losing Medicare and Medicaid funding if improvements are not made. As of April, 2019, approximately 80 facilities were included in the SFF program.

Special Focus Facility Candidates

In addition to the facilities named to the SFF program, the government has created an additional list of approximately 400 nursing homes considered to be poorly-performing based upon past inspections.  These facilities are considered “Special Focus Facility candidates” because of the possibility that may be named to the Special Focus Facility program if their operations do not improve.

Previously, while the names of SFF’s were publicly disclosed, the names of the Special Focus Facility candidates – those nursing facilities in danger of being included in the SFF – were not publicly disclosed.  Believing that the public should know the names of all these underperforming nursing homes, Senators Casey and Toomey made a request to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (the “CMS”) for the names of the SFF candidates, and the government complied with this request.  The senators then released their report in June, 2019, which includes the names of those in the SFF program and those considered Special Focus Facility candidates as of April, 2019. *

Isabelle Ridgway Penalties

The nursing home has recently been the subject of penalties as the result of deficiencies found in inspections.  According to the Nursing Home Compare website, Isabelle Ridgway received penalties of $183,311 on August 23, 2018, and $20,125 on February 13, 2017.

Recent Health Inspection Reports on the Website for Isabelle Ridgway

As of June 27, 2019, the following information was reported on the Nursing Home Compare website for Isabelle Ridgway:

Level 3 and Level 4 “Level of Harm” Citations

According to the Nursing Home Compare website, as of June, 2019, the following shows the results of recent inspections that resulted in a Level 3 or Level 4 “Level of Harm” for this facility in which the inspection and/or the correction occurred between January, 2018, and June, 2019:

The Government’s Special Focus Facility Program is Commendable

We all want the nursing homes that care for our loved ones to be safe, and to provide quality care.  However, I believe that nursing homes that continue to fail in a serious and substantial manner regarding health and welfare need to be closed before residents are harmed or killed.  Simple penalties cannot undue injury or death.

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Some nursing homes exist solely for one purpose – to make as much money as possible, regardless of harm or risk of death to residents.  This is wrong.

We hold negligent nursing homes accountable for their wrongful actions, including neglect and abuse.  As an injury and wrongful death lawyer for more than 30 years, and as a former practicing nurse before becoming an attorney, I am devoted to the improvement in quality nursing home care, and to seeking a measure of justice for the families of those injured and who have died as a result of dangerous practices.

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*  The information presented herein is accurate as of June 10, 2019, unless a different date is noted. The federal government has the sole authority to add or remove facilities included in the Special Focus Facility program and those facilities designated as Special Focus Facility candidates.  If improvements are made, nursing homes can receive a higher star rating from Medicare on the website, and facilities named to the Special Focus Facility program or named to the Special Focus Facility candidate list can be removed from such program or list.  Because this information will not be updated, readers are urged to consult the website for a current facility star rating, and also to that website (or other relevant information) to determine the names of the facilities currently included in the Special Focus Facility program and those currently considered Special Focus Facility candidates.



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