List of Poorly-Performing Ohio Nursing Homes

In an effort to protect our seniors who rely on nursing homes to care for them when they are most vulnerable, the Nursing Home Act, the federal government has established procedures governing the inspection and ratings of nursing homes across the United States. This public information  about care in nursing homes was made available so that the public could make a good decision about who to trust to care for their loved ones. Information about recent inspections, fines, and many other matters can be seen at the Medicaid Nursing Home Compare website.   If you have a loved one in a nursing home, or if you are in the process of considering a nursing home for a family member, I would encourage you to visit this website to learn more about the nursing home or homes that may be of interest.

The Special Focus Facility Program

As part of the ongoing inspections and efforts to ensure quality and safety at nursing homes, the federal government has established what is known as the Special Focus Facility (“SFF”) program.  Under this program, nursing homes having a history of poor performance (such as a large number of significant citations following inspections) may be placed into the SFF program. Often these homes do not have enough staff or poorly trained staff to are for the residents.  SFF nursing homes are subject to increased inspections and penalties for health and safety violations, and the potential of being denied federal reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid programs.

In addition to the nursing homes placed into the SFF program, there are also a number of other nursing homes that have been designated as Special Focus Facility Candidates (“SFF Candidates).  These nursing homes are in danger of being placed into the SFF program if their operations do not improve.

New Senate Report Reveals the Identity of SFF Candidates

While the identities of SFF nursing homes are shown on the Nursing Home Compare website (and thus made publicly available), the identities of SFF Candidates have never been publicly disclosed.  Recently, however, pursuant to a request by Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey, the government publicly disclosed for the first time the list of both SFF nursing homes and SFF Candidates.   The list of such homes (as of April, 2019) can be seen in this senate report (the “Senate Report”).

What Ohio Nursing Homes are Included in the SFF Program and SFF Candidate List?

For those interested in seeing the list of Ohio nursing homes included in the Senate Report, please see the list of Ohio SFF nursing homes and SFF Candidates.  In addition to providing the names of such homes on this page, we also have links to additional information, such as recent inspection reports and penalties, for each of the listed homes.  The first step in prevention of abuse and neglect is knowledge and past performance which the old adage states is the best indicator of future performance. So arm yourself with information about the many poorly performing nursing homes in Ohio.

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