FAQs: Bicycle Liability

Do most serious bicycle accidents occur in the city? Yes. A majority (69%) of bicycle fatalities occur in urban areas. Do most bicycle-car accidents happen at intersections? No. Sixty percent of collisions take place at non-intersections (e.g., driveways, side roads). What time of day are you most likely to be involved in a bike-car accident?

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Generic versus Brand Name Prescription Drugs FAQs

What is the difference between generic versus brand name drugs? The difference between generic and brand name prescription drugs is the inactive ingredients. These may include color, shape, taste, preservatives and packaging. Both generic and brand name drugs must contain the same active ingredients, dosage form, concentration, and route of administration. How can you find

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Power of Attorney FAQs

What is a power of attorney? A power of attorney (POA) is a document that gives authority or power to a designated person to act on your behalf when you cannot. Is there more than one type of POA? Yes. There are a few types of POAs for different situations. A financial POA allows someone

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