Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer – Injury, Abuse, Neglect, & Wrongful Death

We entrust the care of loved ones to nursing homes and long-term care facilities.  Tragically, this trust is often broken through nursing home injury, abuse, neglect, and even death.

How I Help

As a nursing home negligence lawyer, I know the frustration, anger, and helplessness that families feel when their loved one has been injured, or even died, as the result of nursing home negligence.  I and my firm fight back when nursing homes put profits ahead of resident care, and represent clients and families in matters including:

Do I Have a Case for Nursing Home Negligence?

With some injuries, it may not be clear whether the nursing home is at fault, such as in cases of falls and choking.  When I meet with a client to discuss the case of a loved one, one of the first things that is needed is a complete understanding of how the resident was injured, and to obtain the resident’s medical file to determine what level of care should have been provided.  While this evaluation requires evaluation by a medical professional, I also rely upon my background as a nurse to carefully review the medical file.

Based upon the evaluation of a medical expert, the condition of the resident, the actions (or inaction) taken by the nursing home, and the level of care that should have been provided given the resident’s condition, a determination can then be made as to whether the nursing home likely was negligent.

Why it is Critical to Hold Nursing Homes Accountable for Resident Injury and Death

Nursing homes often put profits ahead of resident welfare.  Attempts to cut costs often lead to understaffing – both in terms of the number of staff overall, as well as the number of staff hired that have more education and training (such as physicians, registered nurses (RNs), and licensed practical nurses (LPNs)).  Instead of relying on nurses to oversee resident care, much of the responsibility for care is often “pushed down” to lesser-trained (and lower-paid) staff.  As a result, when injuries from poor care occur (such as pressure sores), or when health conditions are missed (such as infections), the injuries that result are not only avoidable, but they are also predictable.

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What Must Be Done to Get Nursing Homes to Improve Resident Care?

In my experience – both as a nurse and attorney – nursing homes do not change their practices until the cost of litigation and paying damages becomes more expensive than implementing the corrective actions (which should have been taken in the first place).  Seeking justice through litigation, then, can help this process so that more injuries and deaths can be prevented.

If a Loved One Has Died or Been Injured by Nursing Home Negligence, I Would Invite You to Call Me for a Free Consultation

I and my firm accept nursing home negligence, abuse, injury, and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis.  This means that you will not owe me any fee while your case is progressing, and there will only be a fee if compensation is recovered.

I provide full-service representation.  This means that my firm will advance the costs of litigation – such as court costs, expert fees, deposition costs, and other costs while your case is ongoing (such costs are then paid back out of a settlement or award).  I look forward to being able to help you.