Coumadin: Nursing home residents beware necessary but dangerous drug

Would it surprise you to know that nearly one in six nursing home residents takes the most dangerous drug in America? That drug is Coumadin, generically known as Warfarin. It affects the clotting time of blood, thinning the blood to prevent blood clots that could cause strokes by heart attacks or pulmonary embolism. This statistic

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Generic versus Brand Name Prescription Drugs FAQs

What is the difference between generic versus brand name drugs? The difference between generic and brand name prescription drugs is the inactive ingredients. These may include color, shape, taste, preservatives and packaging. Both generic and brand name drugs must contain the same active ingredients, dosage form, concentration, and route of administration. How can you find

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Potential New Way to Report Medical Mistakes

Medical errors and negligence in health care, such as prescription mix-ups, surgery on the wrong body part, and infections, often go unreported by patients each year. But a new federal initiative proposed by the Obama administration plans to address this growing problem. According to a recent New York Times article, consumers will be able to

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