What Does Climate Change Have To Do With Our Seniors?


There are a lot of reasons to care about climate change. But unbeknownst to many people, one of those reasons should be the health of your grandma or mom. A recent report issued by the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health makes the case that climate change is harming our health, and the Medical Society has a Report entitled just that. What is the connection? Our planet is experiencing more very hot days, along with more frequent stretches of these sizzlers accompanied by much greater humidity. And seniors, children, and pregnant women are the most vulnerable citizens affected by these temperature extremes. Seniors in particular are more affected because many suffer from chronic heart and lung conditions and their therapeutic medications tend to make them less able to regulate their body temperatures. If seniors do not have home air conditioning they are not able to get relief from these hot humid days, thereby subjecting them to sundry difficulties. As a result, health professionals, doctors and nurses see their patients affected by a variety of heat-related illnesses, including a worsening of chronic illnesses, injuries and deaths resulting directly from dangerous weather events, an increase in infectious diseases spread by mosquitoes and ticks, along with illnesses from contaminated food and water. Additionally, a marked increase in climate related mental health problems are noted.
So what can we do to improve the lives of our families? There are many groups that are already making a difference. One such example is the Regional Greenhouse Case Initiative which is a consortium of 9 States which came together in 2007 to reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power. Their efforts in reducing air pollution have already documented a positive effect in preventing:
• 300-830 early adult deaths
• 40,000 lost work days
• 35-390 non-fatal heart attacks
• 8,000 asthma flare-ups
• 200 hospital admissions
• 200 asthma ER visits

That is some real and significant health benefits from combating climate change! So if you don’t already have a reason to care about the health of our planet, I have just given you one– reducing climate change will keep your loved one healthier! And don’t forget this Saturday April 22, 2017 is Earth Day! Honor our Planet and Celebrate!

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