Do You Know the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease? You Might Be Surprised!



Have you ever had the experience when visiting with a family member that their responses and behavior seems different and a little “off.”  Are they having a bad day or is there something more serious affecting their health? Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive, degenerative brain disease which destroys memory and many other mental functions. This disease affects some 5 million people and is the sixth leading cause of death, though it actually is the third leading cause of death for the elderly. Though there are many types of and causes of Alzheimer’s there seems to be a some common features. Plagues and tangles in the brain are the main feature of this disease, along with the loss of connections between nerve cells in the brain. (

But how can you tell if someone is affected by this serious disease? A leading Alzheimer’s expert, Dr. George Perry, the editor of Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease recently discussed 7 signs of early Alzheimer’s disease and some might surprise you:
• Stealing or Significant Behavior Change
• Falling
• Forgetting the use of Objects
• Eating Strange items (such as paper or non-food items)
• Losing their Sense of Humor or Sarcasm (not being able to recognize sarcasm)
• Depression (new onset)
• Staring into Space

This is not an exact list. But what is important is identifying significant behavioral changes which may be indicative of brain changes consistent with Alzheimer’s. So if you notice these signs in a family member it is best to have them evaluated by a doctor.

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