Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Today, June 15, 2017 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day as declared by the United Nations. I hadn’t thought of elder abuses as a world-wide issue but the United Nations committee  cite to an expected increase in such abuse due to the numbers of elderly growing. Financial exploitation and material abuse is one of their focuses this year. And the statistics are troubling, between 5- 10 percent of older people world-wide may suffer from this kind of elder abuse. This kind of abuse is often not reported as the victims are often ashamed or embarrassed. Common forms of financial abuse may vary based on the country; in developing countries there is theft, forgery, misuse of property and denying access to monies and in less developed countries this abuse can be ejection of the elder from their home, denial of inheritance or theft of property. Regardless of country , elderly are at risk because of cognitive problems or health problems that leave them frail. So what can be done to prevent financial abuse begins with first education and encouraging specific measures to monitor financial abuse and then legislation and programs to detect this abuse, report it and protect.
Throughout the world our daily lives maybe look different but i am certain we can all agree that our parents, grandparents and elders are worthy of our protection . Our elders, all over the world , deserve to live in peace and dignity and free from financial abuse and this issue  is certainly a worth a day of awareness.