Which Care Is Better: For-Profit or Non-Profit Nursing Homes?

nurse-bedsideIt’s an act of trust to place the care of your loved one in others’ hands. When you’re evaluating nursing home care quality, does it matter whether the facility is a for-profit or non-profit facility? Yes it does, and that is a fact!

The Center for Medicare Advocacy reports that ownership structure makes a big difference. When researchers compared the top for-profit nursing homes with other types of homes, the for-profit homes had major struggles:

  • lowest nursing staff levels
  • highest number of care deficiencies
  • highest number of deficiencies that cause harm to residents

Now, it doesn’t take a research study to make the leap that this disparity leads to nursing home abuse. The largest expense in a nursing home is staff. If a corporation is looking to improve profits, then staff gets cut — and that means nursing home care quality suffers.

The research showed that non-profit nursing homes excelled in four vital areas:

  • staffing (there was more staffing and it was better quality)
  • fewer residents with pressure ulcers
  • lower use of restraints
  • fewer citations for poor care

These facts illustrate the point clearly: staff matters, in both numbers and quality.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a nursing home. And it’s hard to imagine that your loved one could be the victim of nursing negligence. So remember to consider the type of home — for-profit or non-profit — it makes a difference.


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