Does Anonymity Help or Hurt Victims of Nursing Negligence in Nursing Homes?

Anonymous complaints feel like a reasonable part of our society. Maybe you’ve left negative feedback at a favorite restaurant because you don’t want bad service the next time. Or maybe you’ve written an anonymous letter to the editor that would make you unpopular with your neighbors. But when it comes to action on elder abuse

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Legislative and Case Law Updates

Cell Phone Usage While Driving In City of Cleveland v. English, 8th Dist. No. 92951, 2009-Ohio-5011 (Sept. 24, 2009), the court upheld a conviction against a defendant under Cleveland City Ordinance 431.34(c) for failure to give full attention to driving. The conviction was upheld based on testimony supplied by the ticketing officer that he observed

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Defeating Mandatory Arbitration Clauses

Are insurance companies satisfied with the litigation climate post-tort reform? Of course not! Mandatory arbitration clauses contained in many consumer contracts are the latest wave of tort reform storming the beaches. The insurance industry calculates its insureds will fare better with arbitrators than jurors; however, by including these clauses, it denies legal clients their Seventh

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